Equipment List

Our hydroforming equipment provides precision metal and tube forming and fabricating capabilities, such as industrial laser cutting and stenciling, tube hydroforming, tube bending, pressure forming and tubular fabrication. As an automotive part manufacturer, we offer ideal solutions for a myriad of automotive components.

We will analyze your parts to be sure our hydraulic hydroforming press and/or metal stamping press can fabricate them economically. Additionally, we often make design recommendations which will substantially reduce tooling and production costs.

Williams-White 4,000 Ton Hydroforming Press
American Hydroformers' 4000 ton hydroform press accommodates even the largest dies to hydroform today's parts. The 8-liter high pressure intensification system is capable of generating up to 62,000 psi, enough capacity for even the largest hydroformed parts.
Schuler 5,000 Ton Hydroforming Press
American Hydroformers’ has recently added a second large Hydroforming press. Our 5000 ton machine is set-up with two independent cavities for high volume production. This machine was completely rebuilt and updated in 2009. With the ability to run two large presses simultaneously, American Hydroformers’ have significantly increased production capabilities and gained redundancy in the event of equipment malfunction.
Schwarze – Robitec (SWR) CNC 130 and CNC 100

American Hydroformers has in-house tube bending capabilities to support our hydroform operations.  Our CNC controlled, rotary draw benders are capable of multi-stack tooling to allow different radius bends on the same part.  These benders can use a mandrel when required to maintain roundness and minimize thinning on the outer diameter portion of the bend.  We have the capabilities to bend up to 5” OD tubing.
4,000 Ton Triple Acting Stamping Press

American Hydroformers' 4000 ton, triple acting stamping press is one of the largest, most advanced hydraulic presses in North America. It has the capacity for very large dies and is triple acting for the most demanding applications. A fully programmable hydraulic press featuring:

Punch Slide Capacity = 3000 Tons
Blankholder Capacity = 1000 Tons
Combined Slide Capacity = 4000 Tons
Combined Capacity of Third Action = 600 Tons
Useable die space area = 120" x 245"
Daylight = 84"
Stroke = 74"
Two - 3-Dimensional 5 Axis Laser's

American Hydroforming employs two independent 5-axis lasers for speed, accuracy and repeatability in three-dimensional final trimming operations.  These lasers feature two of the largest work envelopes available to accommodate large panel laser trimming.  Both are also beneficial for loading a large number of Hydroformed parts for laser cutting/trimming.
Trumpf Laser Sheet Cutter

American Hydroformers' sheet laser cutter and our plasma cutters are optimized for cutting intricate shapes out of flat steel sheet.
Annealing Oven

American Hydroformers in house annealing oven is capable of restoring the formability to tubes after they are bent prior to hydroforming. Annealing between steps allows maximum shape change on materials that would normally work harden and split during hydroforming.

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